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Olympus XII Update


Olympus XII Update

Gameplay Updates

Here are some mechanic changes and new features added to the game:

  • Digipedia now shows all Digimon instead of only the ones the player has. Unobtained Digimon will be shown as a black silhouette;
  • Tamer Skills have been added! Tamer Skills are special skills to be set on a Leader slot in order to make specific Digimon much stronger! Currently Only Taichi's skill has been added. More will come in the future;
  • Some Digimon received Unique Abilities. Those are passive abilities that can be activated mid battle. In order to activate its Ability, an Ability Disk (found on the Core Store) must be used. Upon gathering a Digimon's Data in the Data Lab, its Ability will be locked once again (even if a Stats Backup is used). A new Ability Disk will be required to unlock it again;
  • Anomalocarimon and Numemon (Purple) Leader skills now deals double damage;
  • Goblimon's leader skill now only increases ATK up to 5%;
  • Direction, Will, and Field Leader skills now consume 2% HP instead of 3% HP per activation;
  • Several power-up and Food items now influence Happiness;
  • Training results now influence Happiness;
  • Happiness dmg boost now won't be larger than the Digimon's Level in battle;
  • You can now praise/scold your Digimon after training;
  • Bosses received some tweaks;
  • D-Dungeon battles now can be sped up;
  • D-Dungeon wave counter added;
  • Fishing Net despawn time has been increased;
  • 90 Digimon slots have been added to the Data Lab;
  • Several minor bug fixes and adjustments.

New Digimons

  • Sunmon
  • Coronamon
  • Firamon
  • Flaremon
  • Apollomon
  • Moonmon
  • Lunamon
  • Lekismon
  • Crescemon
  • Dianamon
  • GraceNovamon
  • Sirenmon
  • Ceresmon
  • Ceresmon Medium
  • Marsmon
  • Asuramon
  • Vulcanusmon
  • Bearmon
  • MarinAngemon
  • Omekamon
  • BEMmon
  • Snatchmon
  • Ragnamon
  • WarGreymon (Remake)
  • BlackWarGreymon (Remake)
  • ChaosGreymon (Remake)
  • Minervamon (Remake)
  • + more!
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