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Update 2.0.0 - New World

First X Digimon will be added!

Finally we get our first X Digimon: Omegamon X! But not only that, there are amazing changes in the game and for that reason, we are getting a big update from 1.1 to 2.0!

Remember you can use our Evolution Guide in case you want to know each new evolution.


Want to know how to use the new Feature?

Here's my video explaining how to get new Digimons using the Digital World feature:

Update Summary

Here's are the main items in the update.

  • New Attack Type.
  • New Game Mode.
  • New Challenges & Data Lab Feature.
  • 28 New Digimons Added. FIRST X DIGIMON!
  • Leader Skill Feature.
  • General Improvements & Updates

New Attack Type - BURST ATTACK

Burst Attacks are short-range attacks that deal SpAtk. damage into the opponents. Also deals a small percentage of damage each time an opponent steps on it.

New Challenges and Data Lab

There are new challenges available in this version and also the Data Lab has been implemented: Collect up to 30 Digimon data that can be used as playable Digimon! Convert unwanted Data into DigiCores!.

Leader Skill Feature

A new skill that can be used to grant various battle bonuses. Also, Leader Skill Setup screen added;

New Digimon Added - FIRST X DIGIMON!

As we all waited for, there's a new list of 28 Digimons added to the game:

  • DinoRexmon
  • Alphamon (Battle Park)
  • Alphamon (Remake)
  • Magnamon (Battle Park)
  • Omegamon (Black)
  • KoZenimon
  • Zenimon
  • Ganemon
  • Burpmon
  • Ultimate Chaosmon
  • SnowGoblimon
  • Shamamon
  • Ebidramon
  • Fugamon
  • Hyougamon
  • Brachimon
  • WaruSeadramon
  • Cannondramon (remake)
  • Jyureimon (remake)
  • Goblimon (Remake)
  • Ogremon (Remake)
  • MegaSeadramon (Remake)
  • Triceramon (Remake)
  • Anomalocarimon (Remake)
  • Omegamon X
  • Kimeramon
  • Milleniummon

New Game Mode

There will be more info related to this soon.

General Improvements & Updates

  • Several new items have been added to the store.
  • Digimon can be fed beyond the "Satisfied" stats. Warning! do NOT overfeed your digimon!
  • Refresh Challenge list function added (Requires an item that can be dropped from any challenge).
  • Food items now have a separated section apart from the "Power-up Items" screen.
  • Several menus and screens have been reworked.
  • Physical status conditions now uses Atk. values instead of SpAtk. to calculate damage.
  • Poison status now deals damage faster.
  • Stun by Paralysis now have random activation times.
  • New Status Conditions.
  • Defense Drop: Drops 3% of the opponent defense.
  • Data Loss: Causes the opponent to lose 1% HP when moving during attacks.
  • Enemy Digimon now can inflict status conditions to the player.
  • Digimon with improved Attack I.A.
    • ChaosGreymon
    • Minervamon
    • Pinochimon
    • Justimon
    • ShogunGekomon
    • RedMetalGarurumon
    • BlackMetalGarurumon
    • Cherubimon (Both)
    • Rafflesimon now needs 2 hits before gets stunned
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