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5 games that use anime as art style

We have always dreamed about playing a specific anime that we love. Making other decisions and explore new stories that we never saw.

Of course this may depend on the scenario, but you can use this as reference for your next DIM Card or next pick of Mega Evolution. Here are the charts containing the tier list on each category for the Vital Bracelet:

Stat Priorities

We should always use the following as reference for our stats:

Priority Stat Abbreviation Stat Name
1 AP Attack
2 DP Accuracy
3 HP Health
Vital Bracelet Stats Priorities

Strongest in General

The following tier list specifies the best performance overall according to their stats:

Digimon Name DP HP AP
Dukemon: Crimson Mode 70 16 9
Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode 60 12 9
Megidramon 60 12 9
Rapidmon (Armor) Tapping and Advance Earth
Gaioumon 60 10 9
Beelzebumon: Blast Mode 55 14 9
Chaos Dukemon 55 14 9
Justimon: Critical Arm 55 14 9
Vital Bracelet Tier List

Strongest By Type

Data Attribute

When it comes to data attribute, we are always going to beat Vaccine type. Here are the strongest Digimons with Data Attribute for the Vital Bracelet:

Rank Digimon Name DP HP AP
1 Plesiomon 70 12 8
2 Sakuyamon X 60 14 8
3 Kuzuhamon Miko Mode 60 10 16
4 DinoRexmon 55 14 16
5 Sakuyamon 50 14 8
Data Attribute Tier List
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