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Improve your mobile gaming experience with these gadgets

Mobile gaming have increased a lot in the past few years. Games are usually adapted to be available in mobile devices.

With that in mind, the market is evolving and improving the experience overall in Mobile Gaming, since the tradeoff is that you can play anywhere but not with that much of gear included in the phone.

Accessories designed for comfort

These are features that you can add to your phone in order to make it easier for you.

Name/Link Features
Beastron Aula Excalibur
  • Recognized without drivers
  • Amazing presentation
  • Feels great
RedDragon Keypad K585
  • Detachable Wrist Rest
  • Amazing colors and design
  • Great reviews and star rank
Cakce Ergonomic Keypad
  • Really comfortable
  • Clicking sound is low
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