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Pick a gift for a gamer

Sometimes, it's hard to choose the right gift for that person that loves games. Even though we know what games they like, because maybe we are not into the gaming world.

Below, we will include an easy way to guess what that person is going to like, starting from questions you should ask, things you should care of when talking about a specific topic with the person and then what you should do next in order to pick the right gift.

First Steps

    Ask for new things

    Usually what happens is that we get engaged to a particular game that we are currently playing. A starting point would be to ask if there's any new game they are playing. If that person says no, then they will specify that they're playing an old game followed by the name or maybe they are playing a new one. Here are questions that might help you find what that person likes:

    Focus on character names, colors, game names and google them

    As gamers, we tend to use a lot of weird terms to reffer to games, but try to focus on particular names that you can later on google and find results about. It can be the name of a character, the name of the game overall or even a specific color skin they liked because it was new and it was a reference to an old game.

    Some questions that might help get names to pick the gift:

      Tell the person you saw a meme, send it and ask if it was funny

      Since you already have the names, you can look for memes in Google or any other platform, and try to find one that you get, so that you can send it over and say it looks fun and you remembered that the other person mentioned it the last time you talked.

      Try showing backgrounds, cool images and say you think it's cool

      Even if you don't know what character exactly, once you show the image, that person will for sure point out what they like, since they will feel comfortable with the image.

      Make sure to understand what you're showing and where you got it from, so that the other person won't guess that you don't know a thing about the image you just told it was cool.

      Look for a product in amazon and what they buy among with that

      Usually in amazon there's a section that display what others have bought incluiding that product, from that point you can guess other things that person might like, in case you're not sure what else to select.

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