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Digital Tamers 2

By DragonRod

Sequel of Digital Tamers Reborn, this game will introduce many improvements, gameplay mechanics and new Digimon that players wanted.

Price TBD

The Next Version of Digital Tamers Reborn Game, with many upgrades, new features and mechanics is coming and has been revealed!

Care, Fight, Evolve!

A new Digimon game has been revealed and is the next version of Digital Tamers Reborn.

How It Started

Since Digital Tamers Reborn was a huge success. It had a lot of feedback, ideas and overall fun.

But the problem is that it reached its limits, because many mechanics and improvements that the developer: DragonRodArt wanted to implement to the game, became unfeasible due to various technical factors.

The next update for Digital Tamers Reborn will be the last one. But the development of Digital Tamers 2 has started, and it comes with improvements in the experience of the players (like HUD, mechanics, information and more).

What Is Coming?

Evolution Mechanic Will Be Changed

The player will have to manually evolve the Digimon. This means that players will be able to choose the line that they like the most.

Datalab Is Gone, But There Will Be More Digimons Slots

Digimon Nickname

You will be able to name your Digimon as you want.

New Stats

Special Defense and Spirits are new stats that will be introduced to the game.

Hapiness will be removed

The mechanic of hapiness introduced too many questions from the players, so it seems like it was hard to understand. For this reason, this will be replaced by friendship, which will affect the battle results

More Information Is Coming Soon

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