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Digital Tamers Reborn Unique Official Guide

Find the Digimon you want, requirements, tips and more!

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DTaming Beta Prototype Released

Play for free the new prototype of the game I am working on.

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Digital Tamers 2 Announced!
Digital Tamers Reborn 2

The Next Version of Digital Tamers Reborn is Digital Tamers 2! It was recently announced with new features and mechanics.

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NEW Vital Bracelet
Vital Bracelet For Tamers Reborn Players

If you liked Tamers Reborn, you will love the Vital Bracelet. A new version has been released.

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Upcoming Updates Patch 2.2.2

New Tamer Skills, 25 new Digimons added to the game. You can view the change log below:

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This guide was made by Dravalon. If you have questions, you can send them to

Also, make sure to visit the official discord server:

Search for the Digimon you want and you'll see the requirements for each evolution. You should also see the full digimon list, items, challenges, and more below!

Updated to 2.1.4 (Olympus XII)

NEW Premium System - Let's make the game better together

We created a new system to comission new evolutions or lines all together, by adding a small portion from everyone!

I want to be part of it!

Recent Updates

Whenever the game gets an update, you'll be able to review all details here.

Click here to see latest game updates!

You can include a new Digimon now to the game!

We are working on a system to show you guys what are the Digimon that are being developed and the priority each has. Also, the system will now include a way

Show me how

Remember to visit the discord server

There's a community waiting for you, we are all there to help each other and help the game grow.

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